Friday, May 23, 2008

Azeri Pan Turkism and Russia and Turkey

Also Iran as an Azeri Turk country poses a great security risk to Russia as pan Turkism can be promoted in the whole central asia. This would change the balance of forces in the region to the favor of US as opposed to today's situation where Russia is a dominant power in the region. And this is the reason Azeri Turks are promoted by the US, both under Clinton and Bush Administrations.

Pan Turkism in Iran is not an ally of the Pan Turks in Turkey as they have different agenda and objectives. Pan Turkism in Iran does not use turkish language as its medium for their policies as this is not feasable because of the political conditions in Iran at present time. But that may change in near future. It tries to impose its Azeri Turk culutre on the other people under the banner of "Pan-Iranism". It is necessary to point out that Azeri Turks in Iran do not have any "Iranian" or "Persian "culture" as it is evident for the last 27 years of their rule in Iran.

Also Pan Turkism in Iran has a religious character as opposed to the anotolian secular version of Pan Turkism. That is why Pan Turkism in Iran poses even a security risk to Turkey as the Azeris might even try to impose their own version of Pan Turkism on Turkey. That is why Turkey is re-considering its alliances and distancing itself from US and may even form an alliance with Russia to oppose Azeri Pan Turks in Iran. This is actually what happened at the end of Saffavids dynasty in 1722 when both Russia and Ottomans together invaded Iran.