Monday, July 21, 2008

The US Policy in Afghanistan

The US is following these objectives in Afghanistan

  • Control of Oil and Gas Pathways to world Markets
  • Control of Central Asia and Confrontation with Russia and China
  • "Islamic Fundamentalism" and Iranian Azeri Pan Turkism as a Policy Instrument

To carry out these policies the US tries to establish a presence in Afghanistan. The US tries to go beyond a military presence and establish itself in Afghanistan as a political force. In order to that it needs to reshape the Afghan society into social relations that is not dependent on a few political leaders but tries to have an independent social base in Afghanistan. This requires several social elements.

Firstly it wants to elimnate tribalism and replace it with a strong central state. Secondly it also needs a nation balanced by two opposing forces. In other words it tries to create polarization in order to be able to act as an intermediary between these social forces. Thirdly it tries to disconnect Afghanistan from its historical past . A nation without a historical identity is easy to insult and control.

In order to achieve these objectives The US policy is the following:

1. A Centralized State in Afghanistan

Centralization of state by subordination of tribal structure to the state. There are several methods used: Subordination of tribal structure to police, military or buying the tribal leaders or create a commanding relations with tribal leaders through terror and physical elimination of tribal leaders. A good example was a few months ago when 30-40 tribal leaders in North West Pakistan Tribal Area were murdered by Al-Qaida in Pakistan at one time. Al-Qaida is a US operation run by Azeri Turks in Iran on behalf of US.

Also intellectuals, Engineers, professionals, University teachers, journalist and other related categories are on the list to be eliminated. These jobs can be performed by others such Azeri turks or outsourced to some obedient groups. In Iraq 5000 highly educated people were just shot dead at their homes. This process has already started in Afghanistan and according to reports secret foreign intelligence groups together with local police are carrying out these murders. This is one of the reasons that they are trying to force afghans to abandon the Dari language in favor of Azeri Turk "Farsi" so barriers for Azeri turk entry into afghanistan is removed.

2. A New Nation-State: Tajik-Pashtoon State

The US tries to create a new nation state in Afghanistan. A nation state which is primarily composed of two "ethnicities". Afghanistan is going to be a "Tajik-Pashtoon" state. This will also prepare Afghanistan for later partitioning. They also have started talking about a "Persian-Pashtoon" state. This will prepare Afghanistan for an eventual incoporation into Iran. It is necessary to point out that there are no "Persians" in Afghanistan and Tajik ethnicity is a fake ethnicity too as it mixes "Dari speaking Turks with Dari speaking Bactrians" and call them "Tajiks". Persian is an ethnicity in Iran and just speaking Farsi does not necessarily make one Persian.

3. The Policy of Turkification of Afghanistan:

State Racial policy is a major task to be carried out in Afghanistan. The policy of Turkification of Afghanistan aims to create a "semi-Azeri Turk ethnicity" in Afghanistan and call it the Afghan Race. The "Afghan Race" will be connected to Iran, Iraq, Armenia and The Republic of Azerbaijan by a series of "Pseudo-Scientific" and Fraud Theories and will be called the "Iranian Race" which is supposed to span all these countries.

Therefore US targets Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Armenia for Turkification. This policy is in progress in both Iraq and Armenia. As soon as US has a control over Afghanistan, large numbers of Azeri Turks from Iran will be moved into Afghanistan under different pretextes. Afghans will be told that you are not really Afghans and you are not related to ancient afghans. You are just a bunch of worthless Azeri turks. You can already now hear this from Pakistani posters who call Afghans all kind of names. Same stories have been told to Iraqis and Armenians now.

Clash of Civilizations in Afghanistan

US foreign policy is based on the "Clash of Civilization" a theory by Mr. Huntington a leading member of US government. What is the "Clash of Civilization"?. It means that US divides people into two categories: The "Civilized" people and the "Uncivilized" people. The "Civilized" people are Americans and Europeans. The "Uncivilized" people are the Moslems. An innovation is this theory is that "Moslems" are regarded as some kind of ethnicity. That is "Moslem" is the name of an ethnicity!!!! This make it easier to deal with very diverse people in a simple way for the American and European public. So how does "Moslems ethnicity" look like? It looks like President Ahmadinejad. The Policy of Turkification of Afghanistan tries to achieve this objective. In other words Afghans should look like Iranian Azeri Turks. They also should convert to Shia religion, a task which did not succeed in 15 to 17 century by the Saffavids in Afghanistan although the remnants of Qizilbash Turks still live in Afghanistan from this period.

What is the US foreign policy in Afghanistan in the context of "Clash of Civilizations"? In Soviet times, US foreign policy was based on ideology. US supported the "Good Guys" in every country and opposed the "Bad Guys" whatever was US definition of those terms.

In Post-Soviet times, this is not the case anymore. In the context of "Clash of Civilizations" the US does not care about "good guys" or "Bad Guys". US says I need to draw my oil pipelines going through this terrirtory. I need this "land area" to control my economic rivals. I do not need Afghan People. I just kill them and replace them with Iranian Turks or if needed with some Zolo tribe in Africa.

This US policy is based on ethnicity and not ideology. It is similar to18 century Europe or even Chingis Khan from 12 century than 19 century Russian Revolution era. This is a lesson that even a US dog such as Pakistan has learned.

In this context Afghans are just Moslem trash. US does not differentiate between Northern Alliance or Talibs or whatever. All are trash moslems!!!!. Afghanistan is supposed to be "Uncivilized Moslem Nation" and it should be demarcated in an obvious way so it is not mistaken to be a "European Civilized State" and mixed up with civilized people.

US Choice: Hekmatyar the Heroin Dealer

Who is going to implement these policies? Mr. Hekmatyar is a US favourite to succeed President Karzai. According to records released by US congress Mr. Hekmatyar was the main force that was supported by the CIA and Pakistan ISI under 80's-90's. He was also responsible for the export of Heroin from Afghanistan to Europe and US.

After the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan in 96 Hekmatyar went to Iran and received protection from Azeri Turks in Iran. Hekmatyar is involved both with Azeri Turks in Iran, Al-Qaida and The Republic of Azerbaijan criminal-mafia activities and in the war between Azerbaijan-Armenia. See the appendix below for details.

All kind of stories are made about Mr. Hekmatyar to make him look independent. Hekmatyar is connected to "KGB and Russians" is a fake story on this forum. Also Mr. Hekmatyar is on the "Black List" of CIA. And CIA is on the "Red List" of MR. Hekmatyar. Pan Turks in Iran will provide appropriate cover for Mr. Hekmatyar and turn him into "Anti-Imperialist" and "Anti-Colonialist".

What is Mr. Hekmatyar job? Condi Rice, US secretary of State, defined Mr. Hekmatyar job some weeks ago. She stated "Bombings in Iraq will help with the creation of a new nation state in Iraq". As a President of Afghanistan, MR. Hekmatyar will start bombing Afghans until they accept they are "Tajiks" and "Pashtoons" who will take orders from Americans. This is based on a previous model from Iraq. In Iraq this model is called Suni-Shia model. In Iran this model is called "Iranian" vs. "Moslem" model. Azeri Turks are supposed to be "Iranians". The natives of Iran are supposed to be the "Moslems". Bombings will force those identities on ordinary people.

Mr. Hekmatyar is a second version of Mughtada Al Sadr which has been tested in Iraq and is going to be used for Afghanistan now. Mr. Hekmatyar is also supposed to eliminate tribalism from Afghanistan by murdering most of the tribal leaders. Another task is to subordinate woman to the policy of Turkification by stoning, seeghah or temporary marriages, and open prostitution and sex-slavery and other methods. These methods have already been tested in Iran and it is going to be exported to Afghanistan. This way the policy of turkification is speeded up as US is in a hurry to get control of oil resources.

Hekmatyar will be dumped by the Americans when he has performed his tasks as Mughtada Al-Sadr was dumped. Mr. Hekmatyar assuming office as the President of Afghanistan was delayed because the assasination attempt on Karzai failed. But as Pakistani generals have stated :"Karzai is the root of instability in Afghanistan and he should go."

Indian Embassy Bombing in Kabul

The main confrontation in Afghanistan is between India, China, Russia on one side and US and Iran on other side. India is on the front line because if Afghanistan falls into Iranian control then India will be reduced to an Iranian colony as they are dependent on oil from Central Asia. So India national interest is to keep Afghanistan an independent country.

Pakistan has been dumped by US as an ally and Pakistan is re-alligning itself with India. We are entirely in a new situation and repeating old stories from 20 years ago about Shoray Nazar (Northern Alliance) or Masoud or Taliban does not make any sense.

The alliance of Afghanistan and India concerns both Americans and the Iranians, so Indian Embassy bombings was targeted at this alliance.

In summary Afghanistan is going toward slavery planned by US for its oil interest. Our view is this: Afghans should make a stand today. Tomorrow is too late.