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Why an Afghan Empire is necessary?

Afghanistan on a CrossRoad
Afghanistan is on a crossroad. The problem for Afghanistan is that it is not possible to go back in history. It is not possible for Afghanistan to remain where it is. Powerfull forces of globalization will wipe out Afghanistan sooner or later. These forces will invade Afghanistan either from West (Iran) or South (Pakistan) or in parallel. The most likely force actually comes from West (Iran) as it has financial resources to take over Afghanistan.

A lot of attention is directed at south and problem with Taliban. Even if it is possible to turn Taliban against Pakistan in a long term, there is an easier solution. The easier solution is turn Taliban against West where there is no dispute about Iranians as the main enemy of Afghanistan.

The regime in Iran is divided into two factions. A faction called Iranians. The other faction is called Moslems. Iranians represent Azeri Turks who are a major ethnic group in Iran. Iranians are about %40 of the population of Iran. Iranian is a name adopted by Azeri Turks in 18 century. In Afghanistan Iranians are known as Qizilbash or simply as Iranians. The other faction which is called the Moslems represent the natives of Iran. That includes Persians, Kurds, Lurs, Arabs, Baloochs, Turcomans etc.

Iranians are about to start a civil war against the natives of Iran. Iranians are supported by US. US policy in central Asia and Caucasus is to promote Pan Turkism in these areas using Iranians. US also promotes Pan Turkism in Afghanistan under "Tajik" name. US has created a non-existant entity called "Tajik" in Afghanistan which includes both Dari speaking Bactrian Afghans and Dari Speaking Turks.

Iranians have started their bombing campaigns in both Shiraz and Mashahd, two major Persian areas for historical reasons. They also have cut of water supplies to Arabs in Khuzestan province in south west Iran. Toxic gases have also been released in Abadan, Bushehr and Shiraza in southern Iran. In Shiraz, the capital of Persian Province Pars a state of emergency has been declared and people have been asked not to leave their homes.
Other forces in Iran are also getting armed for a confrontation with Iranians in Iran. Even US might move in with military forces. There are sanction against the regime and Mr. Ahamdinejad last attempt to save himself by assasination attempt on President Karazai failed. So with very little investments by Afghans, Afghans would receive enormous returns on their investments from supporting native population of Iran such as Persians, Balochs, Kurds, Arabs and other natives of Iran.

Afghanistan and Persians in Iran
What Afghanistan can do to promote Persians is very simple. Afghanistan should insist on regional trade with Persian speaking Khorasan province next to Herat and avoid direct Kabul-Tehran trade relations. Khorasan will become a powerfull ally of Afghanistan in Iran. Industries dealing with Afghanistan in Iran such as car industry should be moved to Khorasan instead.

Pakistan being very concerned about the emergence of Khorasan as a counter force to Pakistan on the borders of Afghanistan has dispatched the Pakistani Prime Minister and the Pakistani Foreign minister to Khorasan to meet with high level officials in Khorasan. This is the significance of Khorasan for the future of Afghanistan.

Afghan policy should be similar to other countries in the region. For example the Republic of Azerbaijan in north west Iran is promoting the interest of Azeris in Iran. It constantly talks about "Persian chauvanism" and "lack of rights for Azeris" when Azeris themselves are actually running Iran. Turkey has the same policy in Central Asia. Afghanistan should also start talking about Persians in Iran and start promoting Persians as a minority group living under Azeri Turkish rule.

The move on Iran would signal the rise of Afghan Empire in 21 century.

Afghanistan and Globalization
Some people look at Afghanistan as an isolated country. But that is not the case. There are two major forces in Afghanistan. Iran and Pakistan. Russia and India are too far to be able to influence the situation. Both Iran and Pakistan is trying to pull Afghanistan to themselves. The same situation exist between Iran and Turkey in Central Asia. What has happened in Central Asia is Turkey and Iran has started cooperating with each other and dividing up central asia into spheres and influence. The same thing is happening in Afghanistan. Pakistan and Iran has started cooperating with each other and dividing up Afghanistan. That is why Pakistanis who were attacking Iranian Azeris until yesterday have moved to defend the same Iranian Azeris today.

One Scenario is to dream up a Pakistani Empire and the other is planning an Azeri-Turk Iranian Empire. Both these options are not very good for Afghanistan. There can be no integration of AFghan economy into Iranian economy as long as Azeri Turks are running Iran which have totally alien culture to Afghans. So the project of a central Asian European Union type sturcture is not possible.

In central Asia , Persian-Afghan Culture have influenced those countries in the past. But that Iran under the leadershop of Azeri Turks is not the cultural inheritor of ancient Persia. Currently now Iran is more similar to Mexico than ancient Persia.

But Afghanistan and its people are actually closer to ancient Persian Empire than Iran is. What is needed is the creation of an Afghani Empire based on Afghans including Persians and natives living in Iran. This combined force can remove Azeri Turks from power in Iran and replace Afghans and Persians instead. Beginning of 1980's some people in Iran had these plans and that is why they nominated an Afghan as the first President of Iran post "Islamic Revolution" in Iran. One of these people were Ayattollah Khomeniny himself.

That is the only way out for Afghanistan. How an Afghan with 5 cents in his pocket is going to stand up to an Azeri Iranian with millions of dollars and a latest model car coming to Kabul to take an Afghani girl to Tehran? This is not a joke. They have already made a music video about it. Empty talk about United Nation and World Peace is not going to help. This is the lesson that Russians have learned. Otherwise Afghanistan will either become Pakistanized by Pakistanis or Turkified by Azeri Iranians. Events will eventually take over and wake you up from sleep.

These are reasons that we think an "Afghan Empire" is necessary and is possible.

Several points about Afghanistan:

1. Afghanistan is only 300 years old country.
2. Afghanistan is actually ancient Persia which has kept its independence. Persia or Iran has fallen to Turkish hands.
3. Zoroastura was actually from Afghanistan and Persians still have Zoarastrian culture in addition to Islam which they share with Afghans.
4. The most important resource is not money or oil but people and their culture. In those terms Afghanistan is a very rich country.
5. Afghans and Persians have led one of biggest Empires in history for 100's of years. The current situation allows a re-creation of that Empire.
6. An "Afghan Empire" is supported by the all regional powers . India, China and Russia will support an "Afghan Empire".
7. Afghanistan claims to the Persian heritage and history is much stronger than Iran's claims to Persian history.
8. Afghanistan can claim a historical and cultural leadership over Central Asia and it will accepted by those countries in Central Asia with no questions asked.
9. An alliance of Persians and Afghans would make it possible for Persians to remove Iranians/Azeri-Turks from power and extend Afghan power into Iran. This can be done in several stages where Khorasan economy can be integrated into Afghan economy. This requires major investments by Americans in Afghanistan.
10.The requirements for the alliance of Persians and Afghans exists. The Islamic Republic of Iran regime has destroyed the alliance of Azeri Turks and Persians formed since the Qajar dynasty in 1800. On the ruins of Islamic Republic of Iran, the new alliance of Persians and Afghans will emerge. Secondly the world economic globalization is an external engine that would make this alliance of Persians and Afghans both necessary and possible.
11. Afghanistan culture and traditions makes it possible to oppose any attempts to impose "Multi-Culturalism" whereby foreign forces import large number of people from some poor country into another country in order to destroy the ethnic identity of that country and enable foreign control of the country. That is no invasion of Pakistanis or Azeri Turks allowed into Afghanistan.
12. The center of this empire should be moved to Herat from Kabul as it has been in the past history. This would reorient Afghanistan from Pakistan to Khorasan, Turkemenistan and Central Asia.
13. What connects Afghanistan with Central Asia and Iran is Afghanistan has a central Asian culture which they share with Central Asia. The natives of Iran have Central Asian culture. The other major culture in Iran is the Azeri Turk culture which is related to Turks in Caucasus an Anatolia. There is a big difference between these two cultural areas.

The Rise of the Greater Khorasan in 1700 and the Fall of Saffavids/Azeri Turks/Qizilbash power in Iran in 1722

History Text:
Safavid Persia reached its peak in power and prosperity under Shah Abbas (1586-1628). Abbas' conquests and reforms gave the empire a hundred years of peace but there also began a process of internal decay.[2] As the Safavid empire declined, its control over the border areas weakened. A revolt of the Ghilzai tribe at Kandahar in 1709 culminated in their sack of Isfahan, the Safavid capital in 1722, and the deposition of the Safavi dynasty. Chaos ensued as Afghans, Turks, and Russians descended upon the land. Persia was occupied and partitioned.[3]
The destruction of Safavid Persia allowed tribal forces there to gain control and in the process a lasting division of Persia was created. While Nadir's heirs clung precariously to Mashad, the Zand and Qajar tribes battled for control of the western provinces and the Durrani tribe gained possession of the east. The land was devastated. Khorasan especially became a battlefield; there were invasions from both east and west as well as Uzbeg raids from the north. With in forty years following 1719, Herat changed hands five times and was under siege for a total of 24 months.

In the east after Nadir's assassination, Ahmad Shah of the Durrani tribe gained control of Khorasan, including Herat, but his main effort was against India where he brought the entire Indus river basin under Afghan rule.[6]

1708 Mir Wais Neka (forerunner of Afghan independence) makes Kandahar independent of Safavid Persia that had ruled it since 1622. Mir Wais, considered by some to be the father of Afghan independence, takes over Kandahar. His son, Mir Mahmud, invades Persia and liberates Herat.

1715-- Mir Wais dies peacefully, and lies in a mausoleum outside of Kandahar.
1722-- Mir Wais' son, Mir Mahmud, invades Persia and occupies Isfahan. At the same time, the Durranis revolt, and terminate the Persian occupation of Herat. The Durranis revolt to throw out Persians from Herat.
1725 (April 25)--Mir Mahmud is mysteriously killed after going mad. Afghans start to lose control of Persia.

1736 Persian King Nadir Shah occupies the south-west and later Kandahar; assassinated in 1747.the Persian Nadir Shah extended his rule to N of the Hindu Kush. After his death (1747) his lieutenant, Ahmad Shah, an Afghan tribal leader, established a united state covering most of present-day Afghanistan. His dynasty, the Durrani, gave the Afghans the name (Durrani) that they themselves frequently use.
1747 Nadir Shah is assassinated, and the Afghans rise once again. Afghans, under the leadership of Ahmad Shah Abdali retake Kandahar, and establish modern Afghanistan.
1747 - 1773 Ahmad Shah Durrani, also known as Ahmad Shah Abdali and (Ahmad Shah Baba) is the founder of today's Afghanistan. Pir Sabir Shah, the spiritual guide of the time, showered his praise for the young Ahmad Shah by declaring him Dar-e-Durran (pearl of the pearls) not because that he was a military giant but for his humanity a definite quality of a statesman. The start of the Durrani's Empire.

Mir-Wais Hotak: The Protector of Persian Empire
The Persian Cromwell: being an account of the life and surprizing atchievements and successes of Miri-Waiz, great Duke of Kandahar, and protector of the Persian Empire. Written by a Swedish officer in 1724 who, for many years, was domestic slave to Mir-Waiz. To which is prefix'd, his effigy curiously engraved from an original painting.

Afghans ruled Iran for the most of 17 century starting with the defeat of Azeri Turk Saffavids in
1722 in Isfahan.

Mir-Wais from Pashtoon Ghizali tribe considered himself as the inheritor of Persian Empire when Azeri turks rule were defeated in Iran by Afghans and shifted back the power balance to Persian forces such as the "Zand Lor dynasty" in Pars province.
Published/distributed: London : Printed for W. Mears ... and J. Roberts ..., 1724.
Physical description: 4 p. l., 196 p. front. (port.) 14 cm.
Notes: Signatures: A^(4), B-I¹?, K².
Title within double line border....: Bound in calf; frontispiece mounted.
Subject(s): Muhammad Mi?r Wais.
Iran --History.
Record ID: 2740023
Collection: UCLA Libraries and Collections
Location: Clark Library (closed until Oct. 2)
Call Number: DS293.3 .P46 *

Persia and Afghanistan

Persians have not ruled Iran for a 1000 years and Iran has been ruled by different turk tribes since then. The difference between Iran and Afghanistan is actually very clear:

Afghanistan is Persia that has kept its independence. Iran is Persia that has fallen to Turkish Rule.

Only for a short time in 17 century Iran was ruled by Afghans and that is the real non-turk rule in Iran. Khorasan belonged to Afghanistan until 1840. People of Khorasan are actually Afghans but the regime in Iran calls them "Iranian" which they mean they are turks. This is what Mr. Jkabuli repeats all time that "Iranians" are turks meaning Khorasanis are Azeri Turks!!!!. Azeri Turks actualy live in North West Iran and not in North East Iran.

Turk Administration in Iran: The following is the list of Turk regimes in Iran

  • Seljukid Empire (1037–1187)
  • Khwarezmid dynasty (1077–1231)
  • Ilkhanate (1256–1353)
  • Muzaffarid dynasty (1314–1393)
  • Chupanid dyansty (1337–1357)
  • Jalayerid dynasty (1339–1432)
  • Timurid Empire (1370–1506)
  • Qara Qoyunlu Turcomans (1407–1468)
  • Aq Qoyunlu Turcomans (1378–1508)
  • Safavid dynasty (1501–1722/1736)
  • Afsharid dynasty (1736–1802)
  • Qajar 1800-1900

Kabuli Girl or Indian Girl

This thread is going to be about why an "Afghan Empire" is necessary? An "Afghan Empire" would eliminate a "Pakistani Empire" or An "Iranian Azeri Turk Empire" and would put Afghanistan in the leadership position in Western Asia.

The map shows an Afghan Empire in the Past: According to history books taught in schools in Iran, Afghans actually extended the Afghan Empire as far as Isfahan in the center of Persia so this map is not entirely correct. It only includes Khorasan.

What is an Afghan Empire is going to solve: See this video below

Dokhtare Kabuli or Hindi?

This Video is called Dokhtar Kabuli or a Girl from Kabul. What is interesting is an Iranian pretending to be a Persian is singing for an Indian Girl who is dancing with a Sari. Iranians are Azeri Turks/Qizilbash who call themselves Iranians. The number of errors in this video is unlimited. Iranians do not live in Khorasan province next to Afghanistan as it is presented in the Video. There is no Afghan or Kabuli girl in the video. Instead the girl is an Indian girl. And Azeri Turks have no ethnic relations with Afghans. The video ends with Azeri Turk riding a car with the "Afghan Kabuli" girl and approaches the Iranian border from Afghanistan side. In other words the the Azeri Turk Iranian finds an Afghan "Kabuli" woman and brings her to Iran. The video is pointing out that rich Azeri Turks from Iran should go to Afghanistan and bring Afghani woman to Iran. This is called by Azeri Turk Iranians as "Aryanization of Azeri Turks into Aryans". You can read more about it under "The Policy of Turkification of Iran". This video is supposed to mark the start of Afghani woman trade by Azeri Turk Iranian regime in Tehran. The Tehran regime does not encourage regional trade or expansion of trade between neighboring Khorasan Persian Province and Herat, but wants to have only Azeri-Turk-Afghan trade relation with Kabul which is Tehran-Kabul trade relation. This is even clear from the name of the video. "Dokhtare Kabuli" instead for "Dokhtare Herati" or "Dokhtare Mashhadi". Also the Azeri Iranian guy is not some local Persian from neighboring province of Khorasan but some rich Azeri Turk from Tehran who has stolen millions of dollars in oil revenue and drives a latest model car.

Video: Dokhtar Kabuli Video by Azeri Turk Iranian Shahab Tiam: