Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tribalism in 21th Century

Robert Kaplan in "The Coming of Anarchy" points out that the rise tribalism in 21 century is due to globalization and weakening of the state power is the biggest event for the new times. But he thinks the wars of tribalism happen outside state similar to Africa. In Iran we actually see the opposite trend. An Azeri Turk tribe has taken over the state in Iran and uses the state as the tool for its policies. This has led to a "centralized tribal state" in Iran.

The consequence of "Azeri Turk Centralized Tribal State" in Iran with access to oil revenues with a barrel of oil costing over 100 dollars, has been daily execution for other ethnic minorities in Iran. Those include Persians, Kurds, Baluchs, Arabs and others who being executed on a daily basis by the Azeri Turk tribal regime.

In Khorasan Azeri Turks call Afghan natives of Khorasan for drug smugglers and execute them as criminals and not as political opponnets of the regime.

These executions are filmed and the video is placed by Azeri Turks on the internet to scare people in Iran. Other crimes of the regime such as cutting hands and stoning woman is also filmed by Azeri Turks.

The criminal George Bush regime has been a strong supporter of Ahmadinejad and without US financial support through world bank and International Monetary Fund, Ahmadinejad Regime would not have survived in two days.

The weakening of George Bush regime has led to policy reconsiderations in US. The nature of these changes is not clear yet to political observers.